Bridge to College

The course curriculum emphasizes focused reading, writing, speaking & listening, and research work based on Washington State’s K-12 Learning Standards for English language arts (the Common Core State Standards, CCSS-ELA). This course will develop students’ college and career readiness by building skills in critical reading, academic writing, speaking and listening, research and inquiry, and language use as defined by the CCSS-ELA for high school. Students will engage with rigorous texts and activities that support the standards’ additional goals of developing the capacities of literacy, including deepening appreciation of other cultures, valuing evidence and responding to varying tasks across content areas, and navigating technology to support their work. Students will learn to evaluate the credibility of information, critique others’ opinions, and construct their own opinions based on evidence. By the end of the course, students will be able to use strategies for critical reading, argumentative writing, and independent thinking while reading unfamiliar texts and responding to them in discussion and writing.

The course will also develops students’ essential habits of mind necessary to be successful in college. Literacy activities will engage students in building skills in navigating complex texts in multiple content areas and communication skills that transfer to different tasks and demands. Students completing this course will be equipped to engage in college-level work in English.