If you’re late to class you will miss important information and instruction. If it continues to hinder your learning, consequences will be discussed including lunch detention, referral, ISS, and others that may be relevant. 
Cell Phones (This does NOT include when phones are allowed during emergencies.):
I don’t want cell phones to be a distraction to learning, therefore there will be an incentive program to preemptively remove the distraction. If you do not subscribe to the incentive program, I still do not allow cell phones in class and the consequences can include: lunch detention, referral, ISS, and others that may be relevant.
Late Work (This does NOT include pre-arranged extensions or extensions due to excused absences):
1 day late: 75% of points possible
2 days late: 50% of points possible
3 days late: 25% of points possible
4 days or more: No credit
Homework (I don’t anticipate assigning homework regularly or frequently. The only homework that would be assigned is as follows):
Complete or finish current reading
Work on essays and projects
Catch Up work/Supplemental assignments
Music (Phones can be used to play music through headphones when allowed):
It should NOT distract you or anyone around you, including me
It should be kept out of sight and not fiddled with
When headphones are not allowed, they shouldn’t be left in your ears
If music becomes a hassle, I will rescind the policy
Degrading and/or offensive racist, ethnic, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, and Islamophobic language is not welcome in my class
Curse words are not welcome
Plagiarism (This includes using the words of others as your own or your own words from another class/assignment):
If plagiarism is found in any piece of writing, you will receive a 0 on the assignment/task without a warning and no possible makeup